Montana Crisis Recovery

The state of Montana received a FEMA/SAMHSA disaster relief grant to provide crisis counseling for Montanans suffering from the mental health impacts of the covid-19 pandemic. 

This is a nine-month grant (Nov-August), with a possibility of an extension. There is a total of 12 crisis counselors that have gone through specific training designed by FEMA and SAMHSA to provide crisis counseling in the event of a state disaster such as this pandemic. Two Tribal Relations crisis counselors have been hired to provide outreach and support to urban Indian centers and the tribal population. Two healthcare crisis counselors have been hired because healthcare workers are experiencing this pandemic on a much different level than others. 

People are suffering from increased stress, depression, anxiety over loss, isolation, job loss, etc. Our intentions are to provide someone trained for Montanans to talk to, get information on resources available to them, and help them feel connected and heard. 

For more information please visit the website: Montana Crisis Recovery – Find Help and social media pages: Montana Crisis Recovery | FacebookMontana Crisis Recovery (@montanacrisisrecovery) • Instagram photos and videos. The following flyers can be distributed digitally.